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"Purple Witch Teas carries a wide spectrum of tea blends ranging from white, green, and black tea pairings to rich herbal brews. Each one is crafted from scratch with love and intention behind every ingredient. Our goal is for customers to find peace and contentment with these unique tea blends, such as our Seasonal Collection and Wheel of the Year Collection, each one blended to honor the changing of the seasons throughout the year. May customers also find peace when they brew a cup to honor themselves or a loved one with the Zodiac Collection, each one crafted to match the personality of its sign. And what better way to spend an evening than to snuggle into a favorite blanket and heal with our Teas with Intention Collection, blended to help with sleep, immunity, anxiety, stomach upset and more."

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"Since 1979, our coffee has been roasted daily to perfection. Our commitment to quality and freshness sets us apart from the rest. We source only the finest beans from around the world and roast them in small batches to ensure optimal flavor and aroma. Come taste the difference for yourself and experience the smooth, rich, and bold flavors that have made us a true coffee lover’s favorite. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed."
Rostov's Coffee & Tea, family owned and operated for two generations, is Richmond's oldest coffee roaster. Founded by Jay Rostov in 1979 and in 1999 his daughter Tammy took over and rebranded with the family name. Under the guidance of master roasters, all the roasting is done daily on the premises using a Jabez-Burns roaster from the 1930's.

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