All products, whether baked or created, is guaranteed to ALWAYS be made With Love.

Est. January 2023

Theia (/ˈθiːə/):
A decades old nickname. Short for Antheia. Literal meaning is "divine" and "goddess." In Greek mythology, Theia is one of the twelve Titans, the Greek goddess of sight and vision, mother to the Sun (Helios), the Moon (Selene), and the Dawn (Eos).

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A New Chapter in Our Love Story

With Love, Theia is proudly Asian-owned and women-owned.
Our cottage home bakery, based in Richmond, VA, was founded by Jennifer Peng Mahoney, a Taiwanese-American, and deeply supported by her Irish-American husband, Sean. From our home straight to yours, we strive to bring gourmet baked goods, usually with unique, Asian-inspired flavors, and wonderfully scented, positive intentions to our simmer pot mixes.

Everything we do, we do with love. Always.