About Us

ArchTHEIA Grove

After decades of friendship, Jennifer Peng Mahoney and Caitlyn Singleton finally decided to add "becoming business partners" to their list of ambitions. With Jennifer's love of all things culinary, particularly baking and working with herbs and spices, and Caitlyn's passion for gardening, the business concept quickly came together and ArchTHEIA Grove was founded in 2023.


Arch Garden

Caitlyn launched her half of the business under the heading Arch Garden where she focuses on sustainable, pesticide-free gardening practices and growing high quality, unique offerings. Utilizing the produce she grows, Caitlyn also offers a variety of jellies, jams, preserves, pickled vegetables, and more.


With Love, THEIA

Jennifer (a.k.a. Theia) launched the other side of the business under the moniker With Love, THEIA. As a proud Taiwanese-American, she brings unique, Asian-inspired flavors to her gourmet baked products, using the fresh ingredients that Caitlyn provides. Other offerings include stove top potpourri mixes, tea blends, apothecary self-care items, and handcrafted items with plenty more to come!

Thank you for supporting our women owned and operated small business!


Caitlyn Singleton

Co-Founder of ArchTHEIA Grove
Owner of Arch Garden
"Master Gardener"

Jennifer Peng Mahoney

Co-Founder of ArchTHEIA Grove
Owner of With Love, THEIA
"Baker Extraordinaire"

Sean Mahoney

Operations Manager
"Kitchen Minion"

Elaine Peng Mahoney

"Future Taste Tester"